Saturday, 14 February 2009

Trois regards sur Stuart Brisley

Ample, dense, la performance de Stuart Brisley a inspiré à trois auteurs d’Open Dialogues le désir de s’exprimer, chacun d’un point de vue très singulier. Lecture du corps, ritualisation, la mort en acte : voici ce concert pour trois claviers.

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Mary Paterson said...

Performance by Stuard Brisley 13.02.2009

After he starts akting in his paper instalation a feelt a great lust to run to his playground and run up his instalation, to roll me town in this paper and on this paper. Verry extatisch. and to trow this mass of paper direction the audience and to build with this papermass a wall in front of the audiance. And meanwile he covers his head with a big shape of the brown paper.....