Saturday, 6 December 2008

'Tomatoes on My Notes', by Almut Rembges

A short list of topics that I was inspired to think about, during the performance of Wagner-Feigl-Forschung, „Die Enzyklopädie der Performancekunst“

Some topics relate to what happened, others to what did not happen.

1. How the past looks always more magic in photographs.
2. A letter to Alison, Carolee, Beth and Annie, because I love it so much, how they are sitting in the first row of the audience.
3. Why has the needle of Irene and George been turned into a sheriff star?
4. Steptwins: is life an art – or is art alive...
5. How great, that the same sentence is never the same, if you change the chronology of the words.
6. Has Joseph Beuys’ „Jeder ist ein Künstler“ always been misinterpreted? (keywords: every human is an artist is human).
7. Performative universalisms: Did William Tell, consciously or not, anticipate the “shooting“ performances in performance history?
8. What was the function of irony, mimicry and hyperbolic language/attitude last night?
9. Nailing down history: idiomatic transfer of the impossible into action.
10. Die Tomate auspressen – die Geschichte ausdrücken (keywords: if the tomato was the brain, what did the nails mean, and the handstand).
11. Over-enthusiasm as a weapon to challenge the audience.
12. “I am really artist or is it only me?” (Otmar Wagner). A comment.
13. Mutual dependency or why people in the audience always leave in clusters.
14. Shocking the audience with guitar destruction or when the metalevel becomes the level.
15. The artists who knew too much.
16. Restaurants and other alternative performance spaces.
17. The Who, the What and the Why: Der Charme der Planlosigkeit auf der Bühne.

Please chose a topic for elaboration

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